Problems In Computer And The Solution

Problems in computer, do you have it? Somebody was telling to me that he had serious trouble in his computer. And this time, I will sharing some simple solution if your computer get a trouble.

After read this article, you can practice this solution in your computer. The problems and the solution about problems in computer is:

1. Computer are dead or not lit
  • Check the cable connection (first from the power outlet to the power button on your computer).
  • Check stabilizer function (if you use stabilizer).
  • Check the power cable in your computer.
  • If not lit, I think the problem lies in power supply or motherboard.
2. Computer is run but can't booting
the solution:
  • You must recognize sound beep.
  • Sound beep one time only (your computer is on good condition).
  • Sound beep one time but to long (system found a problem on memory).
  • Sound beep one time but to long and beep three times is short (system found the problem on VGA card)
  • Sound beep one time but to long and two times short beep (system found the problem on DRAM partition)
  • Sound beep continuous is the symbol that your computer has problem on memory module or video memory.
  • Check your computer use a software such us sisoft sandra, PC mark04, PC mark05 or etc. 
3. The computer can booting but always on safe mode
  • Restart your computer again.
  • If the trouble is recur you must reinstall the windows system or your system operation.
  • If this solution is not function, I think the problem is your harddisk storage.
  • To ensure, check with Scan Disk
Ok, I think three problems in computer and the solution is enough but actualy, I has twentythree problem in computer and the solution. So, if you has another trouble in your computer. You can ask to me with comment in this article. And please tell your problem. Thanks   


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